Web page template system

This system is designed to be a straightforward way for developers comfortable with Standard ML to create dynamic web sites, accessed by a web server through the CGI protocol. The usage cycle is:

  • Choose a directory to hold the sources for the dynamic web site project.
  • Edit a mlt.conf file in that directory to set project options, including which SML/NJ CM libraries to use, where to put some generated SML sources and binary files, and where to publish the actual CGI scripts.
  • Create a set of Standard ML support files.
  • Create a set of templates with .mlt filename extensions. Each page.mlt will become a CGI script named page, and they may interact with libraries and project SML sources.
  • Run the mlt command-line program with no arguments.
  • If it reports any errors, correct them and repeat the last step.
  • Access your site from the base URL corresponding to the directory you chose for script output. (Probably a "cgi-bin" directory of some sort)
  • NOTE: Not only does this tool require SML/NJ, but it uses compiler internals and so requires version specific versions. (Currently, 110.49+)

  • Manual: HTML | Postscript | LaTeX
  • CVS repository