Tool usage

  1. Choose a directory to hold the sources for the dynamic web site project.
  2. Edit a mlt.conf file in that directory to set project options, including which SML/NJ CM libraries to use, where to put some generated SML sources and binary files, and where to publish the actual CGI scripts.
  3. Create a set of Standard ML support files.
  4. Create a set of templates with .mlt filename extensions. Each page.mlt will become a CGI script named page, and they may interact with libraries and project SML sources.
  5. Run the mlt command-line program with no arguments.
  6. If it reports any errors, correct them and repeat the last step.
  7. Access your site from the base URL corresponding to the directory you chose for script output. (Probably a ``cgi-bin'' directory of some sort)

Adam Chlipala 2005-02-22